We deserve same health package as Congress

Solution to health care: Republicans and the tea party say the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) will hurt businesses, the economy, create poor healthcare in America and is socialism.

In 1935, Republicans were against Social Security; in 1966 they were against Medicare. How many of you wish they would have stopped these programs? Both are socialist.

Are they afraid Americans will get to like ACA and see its benefits?

Republicans and the tea party want to take health care back to the way it was – where insurance companies could cancel a person’s coverage or refuse coverage with no explanation. How many Republicans who have no health insurance or a pre-existing condition want to go back to that?

Democrats say ACA is the best thing since mom’s apple pie. No one with a pre-existing condition can be denied coverage. But a person with a pre-existing condition (depending on the condition and age) could pay $1,000 or more a month for healthcare. How many of you can pay that?

Government help is out there, but it’s not clear who can get it or how much they can get.

The solution: Tell your members of Congress you want the same health care they have, and you want to pay what they do. Tell them you want them to pass a new law, one that lets you work two or four years at a job, which entitles you (and your family) to free health care for the rest of your life.

Congress passed those laws for themselves years ago.

ACA is not perfect; it needs changes. But why listen to members of Congress relentlessly fight over the changes? Just use my solution.

Sadly, voters won’t confront members of Congress, whom they elected, on this issue. If they did, it would show how the people you sent to Congress really felt about you.

Dennis C. Shore


(Editor’s note: In a previous letter, Shore said city codes inspected Section 8 housing. He stands corrected. Section 8 has its own inspectors.)