Wary of bikes, ATVs

You read about them in the newspaper.

You hear about them on the news.

What are they? Dirt bikes and ATVs.

You see them in the city, being pushed or worse yet, being ridden up and down alleys and back streets.

The riders are headed out of the city to get to the many trails and old logging roads in the country.

Did you ever ask yourself how they get from one area to another?

They do it by crossing major highways and running on country back roads.

They do this at break-neck speeds and maybe go for a few miles.

How do I know? I live along one of these roads.

I thank the Lord that I never lost a sibling or a young one to these abused vehicles.

What do you say to those who do?

Adults, you ask? If they ride sensibly and responsibly, they might live to old age. If not, it’s their invitation to death also.

Joe Stoltz