Wake up, America

It’s time we, the people across the country, wake up and look at where we are heading. We have to realize just who and what President Obama really is, after five years in office.

He is a socialist who is trying to turn this country into a socialist government. He is taking away our rights and freedom, and forcing his ideas on the American people. We are well on our way to having socialized medicine.

Did you know members of the House and Senate opted out of Obamacare? They got a waiver to do so. The president does not have the power to give these waivers; they are illegal. By law, these waivers must go through Congress.

The American people can no longer stand by and let Obama and the Democratic party destroy what took so many American lives to build. This is still the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

The president does not speak for all Americans. There are those of us who cannot be brainwashed or bought. We are part of the millions of Americans who think for themselves.

We, the people, need to stand up and speak out; tell the president and the elected officials that we own this country. Politicians seem to forget they work for the people. Politicians should be paid the same way hard-working people do: punch a time clock, if you don’t work and get something positive done, you don’t get paid.

We need to bring our country back to the respect and dignity it had not so very long ago.

Mike Sanders