US should stay out of conflict with Syria

I completely disagree with the Associated Press writers Albert Aji, in Damascus, and Jim Heintz, on the article that was published Sept. 12 entitled, “Assad: Syria to offer data on chemical weapons.”

In my opinion, I feel that the United States should just stay out of Syria and let them deal with their country’s own complications.

If our country was stable and standing tall, then I would feel there is no problem in lending a helping hand to a foreign country. In reality, the U.S. is far from being stable.

With rumors going around that another war could be near with the Syrians, this just makes our economy even worse. Our nation’s budget is well overspent and, if this war would occur, we would have to invest in more weapons and ammunition.

Instead of President Obama being so preoccupied with the people in Syria, he should be more involved with the people in our country. I know what happened in Syria is tragic, and my heart reaches out to everyone who was injured, but I feel our main priority should be the people within our own boundaries.

If we help Syria, then who is here to help all the poor throughout our country, and who is going to be here to help all the U.S. citizens without a job now? The U.S. does not always have to be the police force of the world.

Dalton Zeiders