Support Berryman

I am a property owner and soon-to-be resident of the Altoona Area School District. One candidate alone understands the following common sense financial realities.

1. Budgets are tight, and the taxpayers are at the breaking point. Revenue should be spent judiciously and be prioritized and taxpayers shouldn’t be forced out of their homes due to high taxes.

2. It is foolish to spend beyond your means.

3. Tight budgets dictate that, at the very least, outlays be frozen, if not reduced or eliminated, including employee salaries and other operating expenses.

4. Prudent planning would dictate that cash reserves be kept on hand to meet the brewing pension crisis and not be used to finance pay raises and non-priority spending today.

That one candidate to whom I am referring is Judy Berryman. She has my support and she deserves that of AASD voters on election day.

Donald Luke Bowser


Support Berryman

I have known Judy Berryman for some time, and I find her to be the type of person that we need on the Altoona school board.

She will take the time to understand the issues before she acts upon them. She has background in finance, and that is definitely needed in this job. This district is being faced with many significant financial issues and we need someone who can approach these issues with the understanding of what is going on before she votes.

With Berryman, the needs of the students will come first. She wants our children to get the best education possible.

Berryman is running independently for this position. She does not need to depend on a trio to get elected. She will stand on her own merit and be successful. Please join me in voting for her on Nov. 5.

Susan Hand