Obama leads us astray

There is a name – Barack Hussein Obama.

There is a title – president of the United States.

It is clearly evident that these two cannot co-exist in 2013. As president of the greatest country of the created universe, things are not going in the manner of our proud past.

Why is this? The heads of our government seem to be playing “follow the leader,” a game we all played as children. Leadership is not a game to be played; it is put in place to guide, help and protect the people.

I fear that today’s president is like an engineer of a very fast-moving train about to jump the tracks and send it into a terrible unending disaster. How long until the people of America awake and see what is happening?

Will it be too late?

Goodness and honesty have gone by the wayside in our government. Will it continue into the future?

Glenda S. Lockard