Marvelous performance

I’m not a certifiable theatre critic, but I’m ready to launch my second career.

This past weekend’s presentation of Les Miserables,” at the Mishler Theatre, was simply the best I have ever seen in my 20-plus years of attending.

Aside from the fact that our daughter, Megan, and her husband, Cody, were performers (in the interest of full disclosure), the quality of this play was at the big-city level.

It put on display, and we should be very proud of the enormous talent we have in Blair County. All of the performers, the sets, the vocals, the audio, the lighting, the orchestra, the stage management and the amazing vision and creativity of director Cory Jones were outstanding.

We are all benefiting from the partnership of Neil Port and Will Jones of P&J Productions. Jones’ playwright skills and Port’s business sense are a winning combination, not to mention their acting prowess.

To all involved in the presentation of Les Miserables, a hearty congratulations.

Dean Greg Marcaurelle