Letter vs. Shuster misrepresented facts

Reasonable people can disagree on politics.

However, when someone resorts to outright lies and distortions for their own political gain, their voice should not be heard in the public arena of ideas.

Recently, there was a letter to the Altoona Mirror entitled, “Shuster vs. the middle class.”

After reading the letter, I found it quite odd that the Mirror made the decision to print this letter without conducting some fact-checking beforehand.

The author criticized Congressman Shuster for purchasing beef at a fair and donating this beef to a charity.

The author did not end his criticism here, but added, “By the way, he [Shuster] bought the beef with taxpayer money, and since he gave a very small portion to charity, he can claim the purchase on his tax return.”

Apparently, the author failed to check the facts or he would have learned that Shuster paid for the beef using money he raised for his campaign and not with taxpayer money.

It should also be noted that Shuster has donated to various food banks across the district many times over the years, and I’d expect him to continue to do so in the years ahead.

In addition to the completely false assertion that criticized Shuster for donating to a local charity, the letter went even further by stating Shuster is anti-middle class.

Anyone who is acquainted with the congressman’s voting record would readily recognize this is another bold-face lie.

Rep. Shuster continues to be a conservative leader in Congress where he fights for the middle class by supporting policies that will strengthen the economy and get Americans back to work.

Bill Straesser