Lacking common sense

How many of you have spent more money than you have coming in then went to the bank and said “lend me more” so I can spend more?

You tell the lending agency you don’t make enough to pay your bills or credit cards but “lend me more” then I can pay them.

You know the answer. This is just what Obama wants to do. Common sense says cut back and pay your bills. Never pay bills with borrowed money.

The so-called government furloughed employees who have been crying about being laid off for 16 days should have to sign up for unemployment benefits like the rest of us do and see what it’s like to live on a couple hundred dollars a week instead of a thousand. Besides, they are going to receive retroactive pay so actually they were just on a paid vacation.

Did the furloughed employees still drive government vehicles while not working or did they have to park them until they were back on the job? I don’t know the answer to this, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn they kept driving them.

Obamacare doesn’t make a lick of sense, either.

Any company that pays for employee health care will most likely stop when contracts are up. The employees will lose out because they will have to start paying a health care premium.

If there has to be a government run health care program, I would sure hope it isn’t run like the government is being run. We would be better off with no health care in that case.

The government health care program should not be called Obamacare. Give it some other name.

Obama puts me in mind of a child that has to have his own way or he throws a temper tantrum like a little kid.

Lenny Metz