It’s not Obama’s fault; after all, we elected him

I am getting a little tired of all the blame being placed on President Obama for the condition of the economy, the constant scandals within the administration and now for the train wreck called Obamacare.

What did you expect?

Prior to his election, Obama had no management, military or business experience yet we elected him to the most powerful office in the world.

Once elected, he surrounded himself with radicals and politicians more interested in self promotion and power than in doing what is best for the country.

In addition, the press treated him like a new baby whose parents consider every step or hiccup a miraculous occurrence.

Obama and the Democrats are determined to make America a welfare-nanny state because they are convinced we can’t live without their direction and guidance.

The Republicans can’t seem to get out of their own way and often remind me of a spoiled child who wants his toy back.

The tea party, whose only fault was thinking it makes sense to be fiscally responsible by not spending money you don’t have and to hold politicians accountable for their actions, is labeled as extreme racist for thinking logically.

Obama clearly demonstrated his inability to lead as well as his incompetence and arrogance during his first term, yet he was re-elected. Our present political situation in Washington is very similar to a three-ring circus where there are no elephants, tigers, jugglers or high wire acts.

What we have is a tent full of clowns and a ringmaster who claims nothing is his fault and spends most of his time groping for the exit.

The politicians in Washington (both Republicans and Democrats) have clearly demonstrated they can’t run the country or shoulder the responsibilities we entrusted to them.

Any doubt of that should be removed when you understand that without shame they exempt themselves from the very laws they pass for us proving they feel entitled and superior.

While Obama is clearly not qualified to be president, his election is squarely on the shoulders of the American people who elected him.

We will get no better from Washington at any level until we demand more.

It is time for the American people to take action to correct the Washington mess before we totally lose our country and our freedom by leaving our children’s future in the hands of bumbling politicians.

John Kasun