House ‘hijacked’ gov’t

There is a new segment of the our population which can once again be referred to as “The Silent Majority.”

These Americans voted for Barack Obama, and part of the reason they voted for him was his promise to deliver an Affordable Care Act that would enable all Americans to have health insurance.

This was the will of the majority of the electorate. This fact seems to escape the comprehension of the media and the House of Representatives.

“The Silent Majority” does not loudly scream and yell on Fox News, does not name call, and does not act with hate and viciousness.

“The Silent Majority” just votes, and in the last two national elections has voted for Barack Obama.

Through gerrymandering, many house districts are so rigged for Republicans that they have a power that does not represent the majority of the electorate.

They used this power to shut down the government over a bill that the minority of the electorate do not want.

The House of Representatives has thus hijacked the government in order to exert its will over not only the will of the majority, but also over the Supreme Court, which deemed the Affordable Care Act as constitutional.

This is not the operation of the system of checks and balances that the founding fathers envisioned. This is holding our democracy hostage over a bill the majority of the electorate wants enacted.

This is not the bickering of two parties. This is an overreach by a small radical segment of the party that lost the last presidential election.

Marsha Hunter