Halvorson’s timing off

When veterans run for office, they can usually rely on having other veterans support them.

However, it’s not guaranteed. One of the candidates for the 9th Congressional seat, Art Halvorson, likely lost fellow veteran support, based on his decision to breach military protocol by actively campaigning while wearing the uniform.

His decision was written about in The Public Opinion, following a September 11 memorial service in Chambersburg. Both letters properly chastised Halvorson because he chose to hand out campaign literature at a 9/11 memorial service while in uniform.

9/11 memorial services are not a political event.

This behavior is not welcomed among veterans across the district. It smacks of being aloof and is not appreciated nor condoned by his fellow officers.

He should be commended for his service and be proud to wear the uniform, but it has no place in handing out vote-for-me cards while doing so.

Donald E. Belsey