Halvorson has it wrong

In an Oct. 2 article in the Mirror regarding the government shutdown, Art Halvorson suggested we need to “separate the men from the boys” in Congress to fix this country.

Perhaps instead of stating an overused cliche, a more articulate and accurate statement would have been “separate the adults from the children” as many in Congress are women.

Halvorson should take note that over the last 50 years, women have made great strides and contributions in all levels of American government to include mayors, governors, U.S. secretaries of state, and U.S. presidential candidates.

As for Halvorson thinking Bill Shuster is standing his ground because of pressure from him, I beg to disagree.

Shuster is sticking to his own principles for the good of the nation and does not need to be influenced by someone new to the area who suddenly wants to run for office.

Anthea L. Germano