Get out and vote

Voting for conservative Republicans is not about getting more “Rs” than “Ds” into office.

It’s about electing men and women who understand the responsibility of fiscal stewardship of our hard earned tax monies, that our Constitution, the bedrock of our nation’s laws and citizen’s rights, cannot be broken or chipped away and must be defended at all levels and at all times.

Conservative Republicans promote policies that are in the best interest of the governed body and not just the best interest of themselves or a chosen few. They know that they are accountable to those who elected them and are willing to be transparent in all their actions.

There is no such thing as an off-year election, and this year is no exception, and there are no excuses. Express your views and convictions and vote for the betterment of your school district, your city, your county and your home communities this Nov. 5 because Nov. 6 is just too late.

Richard Schachte

New Kensington