Don’t blame officer

I have always thought a person was innocent until proven guilty.

Recently there has been several articles published in the Altoona Mirror, which judged and convicted Officer Matt Plummer just by what was written.

Reading between the lines of those articles, the way I see it, a group of people chartered a bus to drive them to a concert, and after the concert, they all began to load back on the bus for the long journey home.

During this time, a man approached the bus, allegedly threw a bottle at the bus and proceeded to indecently expose himself to all men, women and children on the bus. It was company policy that the bus driver assess the damage of the bus, collect information from the person and write a report.

The bus driver exited the bus and approached the man – at which time the man began to get verbally loud and abusive.

The officer on the bus exited the bus to become the intermediator between the bus driver and the man. The man became even more aggressive and swung his fist at the officer. Well, I don’t know about you but, my daddy always said, “Let the other guy take the first swing, because when it is your turn, give it all you got.”

Seems that is what the officer did. He took his swing, connected, and the man fell.

Using the information within these articles, whether it be true or false or just the writer’s imagination, it would seem to me that the man initiated the ordeal by approaching the bus, damaging the bus, indecently exposing himself in public and on private property, verbally abusing the bus driver and taking the first punch at Officer Plummer.

I don’t understand how anyone could blame this officer for any wrongdoing. It appears he came to the rescue just as we all hope the police would do when we call 911.

Tina Flanagan