Country, state being run into the ground

Last one out turn off the lights.

Oh, that’s right: They are already out.

The end of this country is drawing near, and the fools in D.C. have no clue.

The fools in D.C. are letting the EPA crush the country’s ability to manufacture product in a competitive manner.

The latest victim is New England’s largest coal and oil power plant to close. These fools are marching in line like sheep being led to slaughter.

As I watch, the most costly areas in manufacturing sky rocket and make us unable to compete globally.

Energy (EPA regulations), salaries (health care) and weak currency (stop the presses) are all killing America on their watch.

There are now four power plants that I am aware of considering closing in Pennsylvania in 2015. These fools will be leaders of a third world country before they know it.

I would be real proud of that.

That is not to mention the overbearing size of government taxing the businesses right into bankruptcy. I thank the fools and, moreover, my kids and grandkids thank them for killing the greatest country there ever was.

Also, just to be clear, Harrisburg is just as foolish. I understand they have in the transportation budget to add a tax of 30 cents per gallon of gasoline. Yeah, this will make it attractive to bring in more business to Pennsylvania.

Is this the best we have in leadership?

Joe Mercer