Climate change folks have agenda

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

Or is it, “The ice is melting, the ice is melting!”?

A famous person, perhaps Mencken, said something like, “Statistics don’t lie, but people who use them might.”

The climate change people, who used to be the global warming people, have a monster agenda that is just as effective as the clouds they say are warming up the whole earth. We hear statistics about 2005 being the “hottest year on record.”

Why does it stop at that year? In this instant digital age, you mean to tell me we have no numbers after that year?

Of course we do. It’s just those statistics don’t back what they want to have highlighted. They tell us that polar bears and seals have no ice floes to cavort on.

What’s next, the Eskimos can’t build igloos? All of this is poppycock. In actuality, the global ice caps increased last year by a significant amount, and the temperatures around the two areas has decreased by almost eight degrees in the past several years.

The climate change scientists and their supporters (how many hundreds of millions has Al Gore now made pushing this?) want us all to give up using any kinds of fossil fuels for any reason. Recent articles in the Mirror have continued this propaganda, quoting all kinds of scientists from all over the globe.

It’s all nonsense. You want climate change to go back only 10,000 years when a mile-thick glacier was hovering less than 100 miles from Altoona. Or go way back when Pennsylvania looked like the Brazilian rain forests as our coal and oil deposits were forming.

Simply don’t believe everything you read from the obviously biased press.

Joseph Maschue