Big oil companies ripping off America

In his letter a few weeks back, Durwood Hatch really did a great job exposing the gaping holes in our country’s legislature.

I do feel the Canadian oil pipeline should be exposed as a ripoff of the American taxpayers by transporting oil for Russia through America. Then, to add insult to injury, the Russians want to manufacture the pipe in Russia and ship it here.

We are in dire need of work for our steel industry, and Putin is a billionaire with money made through oil.

The American people are ripped off by big oil and our politicians want to add another 25 cents to the cost at the pumps. Where is justice?

The immigration issue is another time bomb. France and England are being devastated by immigrants, and we saw the caliber of these people by the bombing at the Boston Marathon when innocent Americans were killed and maimed by a pair of immigrant nuts.

We must get our house in order before we bring another couple (or more) million people – looking to better themselves but not their adopted country.

Joe Wiedemer