Beers deserves credit

I read the Mirror coverage of the investigation into raises proposed and set by former superintendent Dennis Murray during his long tenure in the AASD.

School board members who are elected to represent the taxpayers should be ever watchful and not succumb to political pressures or the sway of a well respected school official.

I commend Ryan Beers for his initial willingness to become involved in the safety of the workout facility for the sports players, and for taking the time to develop a thoughtful and substantive case for providing a safe facility and equipment.

After all, Beers was a varsity football player while in school at Altoona and volunteered to help with coaching after his graduation.

Beers was honest and dared to ask questions that other school board members would not, because they either were afraid of displeasing the superintendent or because of ignorance concerning the laws and guidelines.

I would like to thank Beers for being informed and for asking the right questions, and in doing so, representing all of us taxpayers in this school district.

Younger parents, such as Beers, who have families and children who will be our future, are more apt to be on the lookout for the best interests of all.

These are qualities we should consider in electing anyone to these positions.

Gwendolyn C. Hoover