Back Johnston, Lockard

I live by the former Wright Elementary School.

I have a daily reminder of the past year and the change that was brought to my family.

Our history there went back to its original year at the 11th Street campus. I still have frustration over the horrible decision to close it. I feel for those who lost because of the closing of Washington-Jefferson as well.

Please remember that only Ron Johnston and Richard Lockard voted against the respective closings.

It’s time to vote now for several openings on the board. It’s time to replace those who created the chaos in the AASD.

I want it to be known that my child’s new school has been very accommodating. I have no frustration with them.

We, as parents, can make a difference. These closings are the beginning of a rally cry for us to speak for our children and their educational future. Vote. Vote with pride. Vote for change.

David Korman