Too much static on radio

I listen to talk radio at night when I have trouble sleeping.

Most of the programs drone on and on about the same thing, President Obama and how he has ruined this country and how he is taking our freedoms away from us.

Most of these comments are just conservatives still ranting over Obama being re-elected and because he is a black man. Sour grapes. I really do try to see both sides of the issues at hand, but I use the off button quite a bit.

The liberal talk I listen to may be more liberal than I am, but for the most part I agree with these opinions.

A caller posed this question: “What is the difference between Syria using chemicals on their own people and our use of agent orange during the Vietnam war?”

How long did it take for those soldiers who suffered side effects from that chemical to receive help?

So, it seems to this voter and member of the liberal Democratic party that every single one of our presidents has dropped the ball in one way or the other.

Our politicians have let the powerful, wealthy corporate leaders run this country, outsourcing jobs and becoming even wealthier.

Middle-class wages have not risen for decades yet the wealthy business owner is profiting hand over fist because they have our politicians in their pockets.

This has been going on as long as this country has existed. If we don’t watch, if we don’t unionize, we will find ourselves working for the man, renting from the man and shopping at the man’s store.

I think if Obama doesn’t address this growing problem, there will be even more people on government assistance because the job market is not responding due to the greed of big business.

Bonnie Zeak