Stay out of Syria, and bring our troops home

In the recent days we have all read or viewed news of Barack Obama’s desire to initiate action against Syria for the direct murder of innocent persons by way of artillery and missile gas delivery.

I certainly agree with the majority that the United Stated should not be involved in this when our troops are in the middle of a decade long war elsewhere.

We obviously need to consider how a regime such as Syria had obtained such weapons and why Russia is so opposed to a resolution.

Russia is the strongest ally that Syria has and Russia supplies their military equipment, Artillery and missile delivery systems included.

If Syria is allowed to simply commit these acts against innocent persons and walk away, a precedent will be set and many more innocents will fall to these horrific weapons.

Barack Obama placed a “line in the sand” and now has to back his words up.

The president should have considered the thought of the people prior to volunteering more Americans to handle the problem.

Perhaps he would reconsider his actions if he or his family members were required to co-pilot the Stealth Bombers that are needed to get the job done.

This time it’s the neighboring countries to Syria that are in direct danger of being attacked and perhaps it’s time for someone else to surrender the lives of their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and bring our troops home.

Before beating the drum for war elsewhere, please remember the result of President Bush claiming Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Our troops are still dealing with that mistake all these years later.

Every one of them wants to come home, and our government wants them redirected elsewhere.

No boots on the ground? I think they mean there will be no boots on the ground containing the feet of a politician’s family member. The rest of us are fair game.

Jeffery A. Rickabaugh, Altoona