Sixth Avenue unsightly

While I sympathize with the residents of the Broad Avenue “downsizing” of the trees, one should drive on Sixth Avenue starting at 22nd Street and ending on 7th Street.

The trees and weeds look like you are entering a very distressed area (except the Sacred Heart block).

I am not saying it is a distressed area; it only looks like one. Trees were planted years ago after new sidewalks were installed. The weeds at the base of these trees have become unsightly.

There is an empty house between 8th and 9th streets, where weeds are really out of control. Maybe the Tree Commission members should look into this matter. Or possibly, anyone who lives in that area would cut the weeds down if a tree is in front of their house. I hope everyone does his or her part to clean up this town. It only takes a few minutes to pull weeds.

Also, what’s with all the weeds on an empty property at 8th Avenue and 19th Street? I’m sure whoever owns that would not want that growth in front of their house.

Sharon Kutz, Altoona