Shuster no cup of tea

I attended the tea party meeting Sept. 16 at the Ramada Altoona Conference Center. Bill Shuster was the guest speaker.

Here is some of what I remember him discussing:

1. He will only raise the debt ceiling if taxes are lowered and spending cut. This is like me saying if I pay a little less in taxes, I can go out and get another credit card even though I am maxed out on all my other cards. Great logic.

2. Shuster claims that if the government is shut down over Obamacare, 85 percent of that law would be funded anyway. Can’t a specific bill be introduced to enforce a non-funding of the law? We seem to be able to write specific laws about other things, why not this?

3. A statement made by Shuster was that the media helps run the country. I don’t remember voting into office anyone from the media. Why can’t Congress run the country based on the will of the people instead of what the media thinks we should do? If the country is run by the media, what do we need Shuster and all of his minions for?

4. Shuster talked about having foreign labor – illegals -come here to pick the crops and do the jobs the Americans won’t do. What is the matter with having welfare recipients do those jobs in order to get their government checks?

5. The common thread that ran throughout the whole meeting was that “we have to look into” what happened in Benghazi, the EPA shutting down power plants, reforming food stamps, etc.

Shuster never said that he would look into any of these problems and try to do something. He seemed to be saying that “I” am a cog on a wheel with 435 teeth, and we just keep going around and around and we can’t do anything about it.

In the meantime, he complained that in addition to the media, the bureaucrats make regulations, and Shuster and company are powerless to do anything.

Again, if this country is run by the media and bureaucrats, why are we spending billions and billions on a government unable to do anything to correct problems?

I do concur with Shuster on one point, and that is he came forward and said that this administration is headed for a single-payer health system -that is a government-run system.

With the likes of Shuster and 434 of his other “cogs” and another 100 “cogs” on the Senate wheel, we are being ground into subjects of the government.

Tom Schettig, Cresson