Severely punish those who wreck using cell

I think I have come up with a plan that will stop cellphone-connected vehicle accidents.

My plan is quite simple.

First, we break down the ages involved and then, break down the amount of physical/mental and property damage done by a person on a cellphone.

Let’s start with the easy one:

1) Anyone caught on a cellphone should be made to make full restitution; the cause of an accident plus loss of driver’s license for six months plus a $700 fine.

2) Anyone involved in a car crash while using a cellphone which causes minor bodily injury (plus vehicle damage) should have to pay all medical bills and replace the victim’s vehicle. They should lose their driver’s license for three years and no use of a cellphone for two years probation and a $3,000 fine.

3) Anyone causing an accident while on a cellphone that kills or disables a person for the rest of their life should have to pay for all of the victim’s rehabilitation forever plus a $25,000 fine and can’t use a cellphone for five years and six years in prison.

Now we come to the biggie:

4) Anyone causing a death because of the same reasons above should be given a fine of $5 million plus never be able to have a driver’s license in any state and serve 20 years in prison without the chance of parole and never be able to use or own a cell phone.

Ronald C. Norris