Seeking justice in Syria

I find it troubling that leaders in our democratic government want to attack Syria to “punish” those responsible for poisoning Syrians.

This is hypocritical to democracy.

As a registered Democrat, I believe moral behavior has no barriers, distinction or exclusion to any label of political party, race, religion, creed, gender, culture etc.

Respect, responsibility, relationship as a moral code for living and dying with truth, justice, and due process, creates a climate of expectation for global peace.

With that said, hopefully readers realize the ignorance, arrogance and vanity behind anyone who thinks it’s our country’s role to unilaterally determine who’s guilty for using chemical weapons in Syria, then to unilaterally determine the punishment is to kill the (American-determined) guilty, puts the U.S. in the category of that we profess to abhor: tyrannical power.

Also, just 10 years ago, Vice President Dick Cheney successfully deceived Congress into attacking Iraq.

Were children killed during the U.S. invasion of Iraq of lesser value than those gassed in Syria by who knows who? Is it the American leadership’s posture to okay the killing of children as long as we approve and do it?

It is believable that an American Cheney clone is behind the chemical warfare in Syria. Political theorist Edmund Burke said, “There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.”

For an honorable U.S. strategy to the Syrian crisis see then call upon your congressional representative.

Etta Albright, Cresson