Questions abound for Gov., state legislature

Q: Why won’t our governor and legislators allow us to have referendums on important issues such as charter schools, selling the lottery, abolishing state stores, elimination of property taxes, etc.? This is done in several other states and it gives the taxpayers and citizens of those states a true voice in government.

A: Because then our governor and legislators would not be able to sell their votes to the highest bidder.

Q: Do we need a full-time legislature?

A: You decide. So far this year, our legislators have been in session about 50 days. Forty-six other states have only part-time legislators, and they seem to function very well. They must elect better people.

Q: In his thorough and complete investigation of Bonusgate, how did then-Attorney General Tom Corbett miss his fellow Republicans, the Orie sisters, whose misdeeds were uncovered and successfully prosecuted by a local district attorney?

A: Because they were hiding behind Jerry Sandusky, who was hiding behind contributions from his Second Mile Foundation. In his never-ending search for truth and justice, Corbett could see only the money and the votes he would lose from Penn State supporters.

Q: Isn’t it a shame that more children had to suffer because of Corbett’s tunnel vision and lack of fortitude?

A: Yes.

Q: Isn’t it a shame that we have such a heartless and callous governor and legislators who slashed funding for the blind, special needs children, the elderly and the handicapped while at the same time under-taxed their sponsors in the Marcellus Shale industry? This will cost Pennsylvania taxpayers millions and millions of dollars and would have made many monetary cuts unnecessary.

A: Yes.

Q: Do our governor and legislators feel bad about the funding cuts that affect the weakest members of our society?

A: No. It does not affect any of them or any of their families.

Q: Our governor brags that he has not raised taxes. Is he so stupid that he does not realize that municipalities and school districts have had to raise taxes, and that he is the direct cause of this?

A: Yes, there is no other explanation.

Q: People complain that our legislators are ineffective and not worthy of the salaries and outrageous benefits they receive. Is this true?

A: No. Just this year, our Pennsylvania Senate, by unanimous consent, named September Pennsylvania Mushroom Month.

Don Sheridan