Putin sanction possible

President Obama will soon decide on the fate of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.

He now has another reason for rejecting this project.

Per a congressional hearing on this pipeline project, over 90 percent of the steel utilized for the construction of the Keystone Pipeline will come from Russian steel mills.

Rejecting this project will sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin for his non-cooperation with the United States on Syria, the Snowden issue and on other matters, denying Russia income from the manufacture of steel for the pipeline.

President Obama isn’t likely to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline Project solely to sanction President Putin and Russia.

He must also believe that none of this Canadian oil will come to the United States, decreasing our country’s energy dependency, and that this highly-corrosive oil wherever used will do devastating damage to the world’s environment.

Now you know another valid reason why President Obama may reject the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.

Melvin Fees, Cresson