Officer was in right

If police officer Plummer is prosecuted for aggravated assault, then the justice system of America is essentially a profitable debate for those who are not directly affected.

With the evidence already provided, he should win the hearing. Based on the evidence, he had a right to defend himself.

Plus, he did not continue to attack the other man so that shows he wasn’t out to get him. And now I ask, why is he being charged with aggravated assault when he was approached by a bigger man with physical intentions?

By law, attorneys fight to the best of their ability to win all of their cases, but win or lose, they are supposed to make a profit. Yes, losing a case is upsetting, but does that affect them personally?

They will continue to debate and receive payment whether the judge or jurors make the right decision to drop the case or prosecute him.

Remember, if Plummer loses, Altoona loses as well.

A career lost – and a protector of the people wrongfully imprisoned.

Jason Kanowitz, Altoona