Obama doesn’t respect infants, elderly women

Democrats claim Republicans are waging war against women.

Learn the truth and see who is women’s enemy and who is putting our national security at great risk.

Obamacare takes $716 billion from Medicare over a 10-year period, causing drastic health care reductions for the elderly – a death sentence for thousands of elderly people, over half of which are women.

Each year larger amounts are taken from Social Security checks for Medicare (average $1,250); doctors and medicine require co-pays. Obamacare says pay more for far less care. Because women outlive men and usually have smaller incomes, they suffer most.

Medicare money taken is used for illegal aliens, who pay nothing, but who cost taxpayers over $1 trillion every three years.

Obamacare covers abortions to kill babies, but for babies that survive an abortion, no provision is made to take life-saving measures. Obama twice voted to deny help for these children. Half of these aborted babies are girls.

DNA Nobel Prize winner Dr. Arber says life begins when one functional cell is formed – minutes after intercourse. Obamacare requires coverage for “morning after” pills for young girls to kill that life, 50 percent of whom are girls.

Obama has no respect for infants or elderly women.

Despite denials, Obamacare does have “death panels” that decide whether treatment will be permitted or not, based on age and expense.

Obama gave $3.5 billion to finance the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist takeover in Egypt and Libya; Muslims establish Sharia law where they have power.

Sharia law treats women as subhuman.

Not only is Sharia law a war against women, but against Israel and the U.S. whom they have sworn to destroy. Part of the $3.5 billion bought rockets that were smuggled from Egypt to the Gaza Strip where they were fired into Israel to kill Jews.

Muslim terrorists killed four U.S. diplomats. No effort was made to save them because U.S. military forces, prepared to intervene, were told to stand down.

Lt. Colonel Tony Schaefer stated that Obama actually watched the attacks, transmitted by drones, as they were occurring. So close to election, Obama would have been embarrassed to have to fight the murderers he had financed, so four lives had to be sacrificed.

Dozens of known Christian churches, looted and burned, their ministers and priests killed by terrorists in Egypt, will not be reported by the liberal press because Obama must be protected.

No less than $123 million of our modern weaponry was given to Muslim terrorists fighting to take over the Syrian government.

Some of these weapons will end up in Afghanistan to kill our troops there. Why is the U.S. government financing those who hate us and have sworn to destroy the U.S. and Israel? Aiding our enemies – is this not an impeachable crime?

Obama’s Department of Justice gave millions of dollars’ worth of assault weapons to a Mexican drug cartel used to kill a U.S. border guard and unnumbered Mexicans.

Now Obama wants to help Muslim terrorists Hezbollah, al-Qaida and Hamas, to take control of Syria.

If they succeed, the deadly Sarin poison gas will fall into terrorist hands to be used to kill hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Americans.

Durwood B. Hatch