More examples needed

The Mirror’s front-page article in the Monday, Sept. 2 edition about homeschooling caught my attention.

I have homeschooled some of my children and know many homeschooling families in the area. I found your facts about this process and analysis of Pennsylvania laws to be accurate.

What surprised me was the almost exclusive use of one personal story heavily entwined throughout the article. I understand it may be difficult in finding a “typical” home school graduate, since this form of education itself leaves room for great variation in styles to accommodate various parent and student strengths and goals.

The experience even varies greatly within a family depending on the child.

Through the years of purchasing your paper, I have seen coverage of many students who have been home schooled.

Surely, some of these people could have offered a more relevant perspective on the subject.

Instead, we ended up reading more of a human interest story of a young man home schooled in Michigan.

Yvonne Hershberger