Idea too drastic

In 2011, 226 children lost their lives because of drunk driving accidents.

On average, 30 percent of car accident fatalities are attributed to speeding. In 2009, an estimated 10.5 million people reported to driving under the influence of illicit drugs.

Also in 2009, among fatally injured drivers, 18 percent tested positive for at least one drug.

Texting while driving is definitely an over-talked-about subject, but Ronald Norris’ plan to stop cellphone-based wrecks is a bit excessive.

In response to his letter from Sept. 3, I’d like to ask about drinking and driving, driving under the influence of a substance, speeding, unworthy vehicles and poor road maintenance.

All can cause fatal car accidents, not just texting.

Instead of making a $5 million dollar fine, why not make a $5,000 fine and 500 hours community service? Make the person give back to the community they disrupted instead of charging them with such a large amount of money that they’re never going to be able to pay.

What about convicted rapists, murderers and drug dealers? They don’t get $5 million dollar fines, and they knowingly committed their crimes.

If you’re going to propose something so drastic, make it towards everyone who is at fault for an accident and not just one specific kind.

Justine Hipp