Don’t shoot from hip

The Sept. 4 letter from Elizabeth Shade was once again most entertaining.

If it weren’t for the sheer entertainment value, I would most likely be angered.

Her blinded enthusiasm for President Barack Obama is appalling. Attributing his ineptness to all the non-Obama believers is rather mind-blowing, for me at least.

There is plenty of blame for everyone. I am rather bored and offended by the members of the pro-Obama camp that insist all those with distaste for Obama’s policies are racist.

While racism is still alive, and by racism I am declaring the actual definition – not black-only racism – I am not racist. Never have been.

I actually don’t dislike Obama, as I do not know him.

I do, however, abhor most of his policies. No president has any claim to perfection, not even Obama.

On one count I will agree with Shade and that is this, our country does need an overhaul.

My final thought: Shade and everyone else that is taking in air, think before you speak or write and cease shooting from the hip.

This will spare much heartache and anger.

In this world we witness and experience excessive sorrow. Try to temper, not exacerbate, this sorrow with what little or great influence we possess.

It is possible to hold different beliefs and carry on respectful dialogue.

Nanette Hegarty