Congress determined to work against Obama

If I were President Obama, I could not wait to be out of the White House.

From day one, he has been met with nothing but criticism and condemnation.

Before he was elected, a family member said that this country was not ready for a black president. I hoped she was wrong, but she was not. She was dead right.

We would like to think that our country is so far ahead of any other, but in reality we are just as bad or worse. We are so self-righteous. But look at us. We go to war at the drop of a hat. Our own Wall Street destroyed us.

Our politicians are a joke.

Until President Obama was elected, I was blissfully unaware of all the hypocrites, rednecks, radicals, gun-toting extremists, racial disparagers, women-hating members of society that we actually have in this country.

All of these people blame every misfortune, every woe, every problem they think exists on President Obama.

Everything wrong in this country, from A to Z, is laid at his feet. No one wields that much power, not even Obama. They give him way too much credit.

People can argue until hell freezes over about whether or not his race has anything to do with how this president is perceived, but it has everything to do with it and his inability to move this country forward.

The longer he is in office, the more obvious it becomes. Congress will never support Obama.

They want him ineffective. They want him gone.

So far, the African-American community has not overreacted for which they should be commended, but that will surely come to an end.

The Supreme Court certainly hasn’t helped anything, striking down voters’ rights and affirmative action laws. Another civil war? Quite possible. A war between those who have everything and those who have nothing? Quite possible.

This country needs a major political overhaul and the sooner the better.

Elizabeth K. Shade, Hollidaysburg