Color doesn’t matter

I have read with amusement past editorials by Elizabeth Shade of Hollidaysburg in support of President Obama.

However, her most recent submission in the Sept. 4th issue of the Altoona Mirror is in my opinion is without basis and is hateful and dangerous.

In her comments she declares that everyone who does not agree with Obama’s policies or fails to support him does so because he is black.

She also unbelievably states that the African-American community has not yet overreacted, but she feels that their tolerance of Obama’s mistreatment will soon come to an end.

This sounds like race baiting to me, and it fails to give the African-American community the respect for being intelligent enough to make informed decisions based not on race but facts.

If Ms. Shade would remove the Obama bumper sticker from her eyes she might see that Obama has no real business or leadership experience.

He has done more to divide this country than pull it together. While he spoke of strengthening respect for America in the world he has only succeeded in making us the laughingstock.

He passed the infamous Obamacare, which threatens to destroy our healthcare and bankrupt the country all while he exempts some unions, special interest groups and Congress from participating.

He chooses which laws to obey and which to ignore. He has appointed more people to powerful government positions who had questionable or radical backgrounds, many with lack of experience, than any preceding presidents.

No president – black, white, red, yellow, brown or green, male or female – should be opposed because of their color or sex.

However, more importantly, none should be supported for those same facts, either.

People do not oppose or criticize President Obama because he is black.

We oppose him because he has proven he is incompetent and not qualified for the job and trust which was placed in him.

John Kasun