Advocating cyber school

Take your tax dollars away.

To the parents whose children are now required to attend another school, enroll your children into Central Pennsylvania Digital Learning Foundation cyber school.

They stay home and have class over the Internet.

You have control over them being exposed to the wrong environment, they get a quality education, and you don’t have to put up with the bureaucrats at the Altoona Area School District.

And best of all, you take away the thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money out of the hands of AASD.

I think if enough parents would do this, the administrators would pay attention to us parents instead of not caring about our input. Take away the money needed to operate, and they will have a wake-up call. It is your right to do so.

Let’s stand together and make a statement that we as parents have the right to choose where our children go to school.

Ronaldo C. Rutola, Altoona