Walmart serves purpose

I just wanted to thank all the union thugs and left-wing hacks who are trying to push through legislation in the Washington, D.C., area to force Walmart into overpaying people for entry level positions and thus forcing their stores out of the area.

The bill states that Walmart and stores identical in size and profits – there aren’t any, by the way – have to start paying entry level positions at least $12.50 per hour, or what they call “a living wage.”

Of course, these jobs aren’t worth $12.50 per hour, and if you’re trying to raise a family on stocking shelves at a retailer than it’s your problem, not the government’s.

That might sound mean, but that’s the way it is.

It’s not the job of the employer to make sure your bills are paid but to pay you what you’re worth. Stock boys cashiers are not irreplaceable.

But these thugs don’t realize that Walmart is correctly responding, and they stand to lose three stores located in the poorest parts of the area and three more that were set to be built.

That’s 300 jobs per store, resulting in 1,800 jobs lost. But jobs are everywhere, right? Not to mention the “poor” people they’re trying to look out for, guess where they shop? Yup. Walmart.

The volume that Walmart distribution centers need to fill those stores? Gone, including right here in central Pennsylvania that would have handled the overflow.

People in D.C. would have had cheap groceries and retail, 1,800 new jobs, and distribution centers from Maryland to right here in central Pennsylvania would have had more volume and more jobs as well. Money for everyone.

But hey, union thugs and left-wing hacks keep stepping on freedoms and chipping away at the free market. It’s working out well for everyone.

Have fun at the unemployment line. Let that be your “living wage.”

Tim High