Two-party system reason for troubles

Please make a stand for freedom and register Libertarian.

The two-party system has been running the country into the ground since the Libertarian party was formed in 1970.

We have only seen devastation from the wars abroad and the destruction of the American image abroad.

We pretend to for freedom yet the state of Pennsylvania spends over a billion (I believe the actual number is closer to two billion) on our corrections system.

We create criminals, then hand them welfare because they can’t get jobs.

Then we have the National Security Agency spy on them by reading their texts, and we have the police adjust their patrols for anyone on probation or planning to commit a crime.

It’s a disgusting affront to liberty that the fascist Republicans and socialist Democrats conspire together in secret to uphold.

No mention of the Libertarian party on the news, nor how to register Libertarian or for any other third party. Three percent registration would help us get the word out.

We want to cut the budget about $1.5 billion in corrections salaries etc., by making drugs a fine-only offense, privatize the state stores to the highest bidder and eliminate all income, property and school taxes, to be replaced by a 6-10 percent tax on items bought in stores that are non-essential – a sales tax.

Cities could still elect to get their taxes in any form they wish.

Go to to register libertarian, or with one of the many other minor parties.

Brandon Hoffmaster