Take a stand against blighted properties

I feel for the man in Tyrone whose neighbors property has been over run by weeds.

My husband and I have had this ongoing problem for years now with someone attempting to burn the house next to us down.

The house in the alley behind the one in question also has had numerous attempts to be set on fire.

We have tried to file charges against the owner but the sheriff’s department cannot find him. It would take even more money out of our pocket to pay the sheriff’s department to attempt a more thorough search.

We are the victims here. We didn’t set these properties on fire nor attempt to do so. We were told that the city has no money to demolish these buildings but they can concentrate on revitalizing downtown.

How about the safety of the citizens, the arsonists that are running around and the numerous properties that have had their property values lowered by living next to these dwellings? Why are we paying our taxes?

Bonnie l. Zeak