Strengthen families

Looking at my children, I see the greatest generation of the world coming forth.

Whether they rise to be the greatest for good or evil depends entirely upon us.

If we do not take deliberate action to stop it now, the Obama administration (or one like it) will bring to pass an unimagineable monsterous regime.

We live in the information age with limitless knowledge literally at our fingertips.

This situation occurs because our forefathers strived for this.

We are the generation of the world that every previous generation has looked forward to.

We cannot be so intellectually liberated without a responsibility that is equally great being placed upon our heads.

As such, we must follow in the footsteps of our founding fathers to rise up and be the doctor, lawyer, patriot, statesman, philosopher, minister, and educator of our own children. Our responsibility is endless.

It falls upon me to instruct my children in all matters. When we attend church and my children go to their classes, I do not depend upon their instructors to provide all that they need to know.

It is simply a reinforcement of what they live at home.

If they are given some false doctrine by a well-meaning teacher, it is of no consequence because they have been taught correct principles at home. The same is true of their secular education.

The public education system has fallen far below what it once was because it is weighed down with more than the education of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The education of morality can only exist at home.

It is the family that must be strengthened and restored. Only then will everything else come into place.

Only then will the U.S. Constitution be sufficient.

David Port,