Shuster should save stamps and tax money

I just received a letter from Congressman Bill Shuster (in the mail, on my dime) alerting me to another “critical issue” on which he has gone to bat for all of us.

Didn’t this guy ever hear of email? If he really wanted to put an end to “big government” spending, he would start by sparing us the expense of paying the postage for his self-promotion.

He’s writing to announce the introduction of HB 2125, which prevents the IRS from implementing Obamacare. Why? Because the IRS “targeted” conservative groups like the tea party and patriots for special scrutiny in their applications for tax exempt status.

Nobody I know disputes that the IRS has no business discriminating against a particular political viewpoint.

Rightfully, they’ve been on the hot-seat for some time now. And that’s likely to discourage this sort of thing from happening again in the future. It’s something liberals and conservatives essentially agree on. So is Shuster’s real target the IRS? Of course not.

His real target is equal health care for all Americans. He doesn’t want it. He and his fellow House Republicans never did. And they are more than willing to exploit the fiasco perpetrated by a few rogue employees to prevent the IRS from doing the job that it was actually meant to do.

He’s doing this by implying the IRS cannot be trusted to do its job without manipulating taxpayer information it will share with the Department of Health and Human Services to determine how health care subsidies will be apportioned.

Now, what he’s implying is that the IRS is going to systematically deny health care to certain taxpayer groups (Presumably, the tea party and other radical right-wing patriots). So, the heart or kidney transplant your Uncle Ed, a staunch Republican, was to receive will go instead to a “lefty” gay Democrat welfare-bum who never worked a day in his life and doesn’t even attend a real Christian Church.

Then Uncle Ed dies, and there’s one less Republican. Right, Bill.

Thanks for explaining to me that a major department of government, overseen by Congress (which always does its job), is really a secretly lefty-dominated conspiracy targeting patriots, by denying them critical medical services. (Sort of like the way the Republican Party has for so many years not-so-secretly worked to deny women reproductive health services?).

Do me a favor next time, Bill. Just email me. Don’t waste my tax dollars on paper, envelopes, staff and stamps to have the US Postal Service deliver your newest conspiracy theory to me – at a loss. Quit saving me money. I really can’t afford it.

Or just get yourself booked for an interview on the Art Bell program. He has lots of listeners whose minds work just like yours.

William L. Zimmerman