Sheetz should curb its beer campaign

Anyone who has filled up at Sheetz over the past few months has been deluged by their “Free My Beer” campaign, the gas station chain urging customers to petition the state legislature to allow beer sales at gas stations.

Sheetz has already anticipated victory in this crusade, building indoor “soda caves” at new locations that are clearly not designed for soda.

Sheetz is one of Blair County’s proudest, most respected and most successful businesses.

They offer well-paying jobs with benefits for their ever-expanding workforce and routinely contribute selflessly to local charitable causes.

However, I believe that if Sheetz wishes to remain a positive for all of the communities that they service, their expansionist vision must be curbed when it comes to beer sales.

On one hand, Sheetz desiring beer sales is nothing more than America’s free enterprise system at its finest. In November 2012, Forbes Magazine ranked Sheetz as the nation’s 61st-largest privately-held company, with annual revenues of $5.75 billion.

At the same time, if the gas station giant begins selling beer, they will run many local family distributors and six-pack shops out of business.

For Sheetz, adding beer sales would just be another number in an already burgeoning bottom line.

But for many families, their small businesses are their lifeblood and sole source of income.

If Sheetz truly considers itself an asset to the community, their loyalty to the citizens they service must overcome their desire for additional profit.

James Krug