Probe of Rockview assault, prisons overdue

I am writing to respond to the article in the Aug. 7 Mirror under the perspectives column which was about the female staff member at SCI-Rockview who was sexually assaulted, and now state Representative Kerry Benninghoff wants to do an investigation of that incident.

I would like to say to Benninghoff: Why did it take so long to finally want to investigate an assault on a staff member at any institution, not just a penitentiary?

In Pennsylvania, we do not have penitentiaries (they’re now known as correctional institutes) because that would be too harsh for our poor inmates that have wrecked havoc on weaker victims who expect to be treated as human beings when they did not do the same for their victims.

As a recently retired sergeant of 23 years of service from SCI-Huntingdon, I have unfortunately seen assaults on staff and have seen how the newspapers, television reports and upper echelon from the DOC have twisted these assaults and made the staff member appear guilty.

My heart and prayers go out to the female staff member, and I pray that she recovers both mentally and physically, and I am sure the DOC wants her to return to work as soon as possible because God-forbid she takes too much time off because of this assault.

There are a lot of things that happen behind the walls of these institutions that the outside people have no clue about because they are swept under the rug or are considered “isolated incidents.”

It’s a shame how the staff are treated at places like these.

Sean Clapper, Bellwood