Politics lack honesty

Growing up, my grandfather and father always told me that a man is only as good as his word.

I sure wish that our politicians believed that. That’s all of them, both liberal and conservative.

They all took an oath of office. In that oath they promised to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Both parties are guilty of trampling all over the Constitution.

From attacks on the Second Amendment, the tracking of reporters, the NSA tapping our phones and emails and using the IRS as an intimidation tool, this current group of politicians have fallen down on the job and broken their oath to this nation.

President Obama is no better.

His oath was also to defend the Constitution. He blatantly stated his disdain for having his hands tied by it. He would wield the power of the office without any checks if he could. That is what the constitution is there for, to protect, we the people, from a tyrant.

He has used executive orders to bypass Congress and snuck in appointees illegally while Congress was not in session.

We removed Nixon for less, and yet this man smiles in our face as he gradually disassembles this great country and we are letting him do it without a fight.

He deflects attention from all the scandals of his administration and has the audacity to call them phony.

People died on his watch. Are we that apathetic that we are going to let this continue?

During the 2014 elections, we need to bring honesty back to politics and elect politicians that are as good as their word. They need to say what they mean and mean what they say. It is our duty to hold them to that.

We expect that from our soldiers when they take the oath of enlistment, we need to expect that from those that we place in positions of public trust.

We need to look seriously at those we elect and make sure that they are worthy of representing us. We deserve that and should demand their respect, not the other way around.

We trust them with our lives, our welfare, and the future of our children.

They serve us, not us them. We have the power to change the status quo if we all come together and make our voices heard. They may promise us change, why don’t we show them change?

Everyone needs to be an active citizen and vote. That’s the only way the change we need will come.

Maybe we need to look to those that stood the line for us, those retired and ex-military that know what service to the country is, that took the oath and had the backbone to stand by it.

Howard Harshaw, Hollidaysburg