Jim Crow has returned

Dr. King was one of the most important figures of 20th century America.

He led a non-violent movement that finally forced the government to heed the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments. This movement was instrumental in insuring people of color the right to vote, thus bringing most Jim Crow laws to an end.

Presently, the infamous Supreme Court-5, who recently inflicted the “corporations are people” poppycock upon us, have now brought mean, old Jim Crow back to life to work his evil by attempting to suppress the right to vote; but this time in all of the states of the union.

Some Congress members in our own state are, at this moment, defending a Jim Crow voter suppression law in our State Supreme Court, known as the Voter Identification Law.

Don’t let the innocuous name fool you.

The authentic purpose of the Voter ID law is misrepresented and spurious.

In 1967, with his brilliant Beyond Vietnam Speech, King widened the civil rights movement to include the platforms of ending poverty and working toward global peace. One year, to the day, after that speech, he was assassinated while helping to organize a workers’ strike for a living wage.

Today this fight for workers’ rights and a living wage goes on.

Enlightened thinkers, especially the young, who will benefit the most, are sorely needed in this nonviolent fight for workers’ rights, voting rights, a living wage and a national jobs creation program to put the nation back to work with dignity.

Paulette Frederick