Here’s hoping writer doesn’t speak for all Dems

I feel I must respond to Ms. Shade’s July 6 letter to the editor (“Criticism of Obama old.”)

The Democrats never got over the previous president when he was re-elected. It was okay then for members of the Democratic Party and members of the mainstream media to be, at times, vulgar and just flat-out disrespectful to the office of the president of the United States.

But I guess that is okay since he was not of the same political party.

She was complaining that the Republican Party is engaging in a war on women, complaining that they want a woman to report a rape before having an abortion.

I have to ask what Ms. Shade is thinking. I hope this is not the stance of the Democratic Party, that they approve of not reporting rapes. To me, they want the woman to report it so the person who did it gets their day in court and hopefully that a jury would convict that person and they would serve jail time.

That does not sound like that is a war on women.

The highest court only ruled Obamacare is law because they said it was a tax. I wish Ms. Shade would ask the workers at Valley View if they like their new health care that they were offered, which is the minimum allowed by this Affordable Care Act.

Just so you know:?They pay a lot more in premiums and deductibles.

Please ask the workers that work at the local restaurants who were working 30 hours a week that had their hours cut to 20 hours how they like it.

How can these people afford to live?

The Democratic Party likes to say they are for the working family, but with actions like these they actually put a huge strain on the American family.

She says Obama has done many great things but can only name two. Getting out of Iraq is not one of them. The truth be told, the date was agreed upon by the previous administration and the Iraqi government. He did allow our troops to get bin Laden, which he has gotten credit for.

She complains he gets criticized for every move he makes.

There are plenty of things to complain about – like we had a AAA credit rating, a credit rating that had even survived the Great Depression; we were paying $1.81 a gallon for gas when he took office, and now it averages $3.50 a gallon; and we had annual budgets; that’s just a few items.

I guess in her world it’s okay to criticize the opposing party but not hers.

Wasn’t it Hillary Clinton who said we have the right to question any sitting president? Ms. Shade claims that 90 percent of Americans favor background checks for purchasing a gun. Where did this number come from? If there was that a high of a number of people, Congress would have passed it without fear of losing re-election. By the way, we do have background checks.

According to the Associated Press, about four-fifths of the states have local laws that reject or ignore federal laws on gun control and health insurance requirements. Although the president may not have stated that he wanted to confiscate guns, the vice president stated that once the background check bill passed, we aren’t stopping there.

The most ridiculous claim she makes is that Obama is not liked because he an African-American. His race has never been the issue, and the GOP has supported diversity. It has and always will be about his policies.

Clifford Johnson