Focus on Section 8

I always thought Section 8 housing had to meet federal standards for landlords to have Section 8 houses. They are to be inspected at times, right?

How many Section 8 landlords take tax dollars and don’t keep the properties decent and safe? Look what a number of these properties have done to once fine old neighborhoods.

Do some landlords not care if drug dealers, foul-mouthed people, ones who have loud parties or keep the property a mess, live in their properties?

Who’s to blame? People who approve Section 8, City Council or codes enforcement? Maybe it is time to find out.

Some Section 8 landlords may feel they’re taking taxpayer money and don’t have to obey the laws governing Section 8. I don’t think that is true.

What if tens of thousands of Altoona taxpayers and property owners sent petitions to Section 8 and City Council, demanding action?

If they fail to act, maybe a class action suit against certain landlords, Section 8 and City Council would work.

I would like to see people from Section 8, City Council, codes and child welfare come to a house very close to me. Let’s ask Congressman Shuster and state Senator John Eichelberger to come also. They could have the landlord give them a basement to attic tour.

When they come out, I would like Mirror and WTAJ reporters to get their immediate reaction and comments. Photos and video would be optional.

There have to be Section 8 landlords who care about their properties and the kind of people who occupy them. These people should be commended.

The tea party said it was going to change America, stop government waste and misuse of taxpayer money. If they mean that, this would be a good place to start.

Let’s see if they take on this issue.

Dennis C. Shore