Curve game-day price adjustment unfair

For those of you who don’t know or realize, the Altoona Curve ownership placed a $2 fee on top of the ticket price if the ticket is purchased the same day as the game.

This unfair adjustment is no more than greed and a lack of consideration for those families on a tight budget, job loss and bills to pay. Some families or individuals simply cannot decide, for various reasons, if they can even attend the game until the day arrives.

Taxpayers built the ballpark, and taxpayers have a right to speak their piece. The economy is poor, and Altoona is not what it used to be. The price of gasoline, unemployment, and the need to spend your money wisely has never been more prevalent.

Ownership’s decision on this clouds the theory that the secret is to get people to the ballpark and through the gates at a fair price and then make the difference up on concessions.

Raising the ticket price $2 per person has now put an impact on how many games people can attend. I used to attend between 25 and 40 games per year. I have been to three this year.

The add-on fee simply isn’t necessary. You would like to think that common sense would prevail, but I haven’t seen it yet.

I urge people to continue to complain and show the owners this won’t be tolerated.

Baseball is a family-oriented event. Don’t lessen that by continuing the practice you have in place now. Let’s correct the mistake and move forward. Go, Curve!

Richard Ogden


(Editor’s note: The Curve instituted the above practice last year and raised the charge on tickets bought on the day from $1 to $2 this year. Curve General Manager Rob Egan said it’s a common practice in baseball at both the major- and minor-league levels and, in the Curve’s case, has been done to hold the line on season and individual game tickets. Egan added that when the Lozinak family purchased the Curve in 2009, they dropped ticket prices and have not raised them since.)