Charging AASD with tardiness

I write this letter in response to the editorial, “AASD should be nurturing” from Aug. 13.

According to the school district, as well as the information given in Aug. 13’s column, parents from Wright and Washington-Jefferson areas were to receive letters in the mail with crucial information regarding what school their children will be attending, transportation information, etc. for the upcoming school year.

I have a 5-year-old son who had attended Wright Elementary last year for their preschool program. As of Aug. 16, I still had not received a letter containing any information from the school district.

With the start of school near, I, and many other parents, became very frustrated. Plans for transportation, parents’ work schedules, and any needed after school care have all been unable to be made due to the school district’s neglect to release any information in a timely manner.

This has been a pain-staking process ever since it began. For the best interest of the children, as well as their families, we can only hope that they figure their issues out as soon as humanly possible.

Kathryn McClure