Zimmerman no better than child predator

Why is justice for Trayvon Martin important?

What is justice anyway? Is justice the truth, or is it what the law means? Is justice, in its highest form, the truth as it applies to the law?

If the truth is not clear, at the very least, is justice both the letter and the spirit of the law? If that is what justice is, justice may not always be “just having your day in court.”

The answers to the above questions are why justice for Trayvon Martin is important.

In listening to reactions from around the world, immediately following the George Zimmerman verdict, I was struck by a comment regarding “How seldom cases in America are decided with a verdict.”

The truth is, every time a verdict is rendered, a case is decided.

But the “beauty” of the American justice system is: What if justice is not decided? And if people are committed enough, we have systems in place to pursue some form of justice.

That justice in America is not reserved for the wealthy or the privileged. That is why justice for Trayvon Martin is important.

Putting issues of race aside, any child would honestly tell you if they think you are creepy. Out of the mouths of babes, that is what you are to them.

They are not being racial, and they have no power over an adult. Even a child predator would try to lure a child with kindness – not make them fight for their life.

Whatever Zimmerman did, does not matter. Why does what Jerry Sandusky or any child predator did matter? On that night, Zimmerman was no better than any child predator. That is why justice for Trayvon Martin is important.

We live in a country that cares about children, about women and even pets, as well as the civil rights of all our citizens, not just some children, or some women or some peoples’ civil rights, not just the living, or the wealthy or the privileged.

If we do not care about the least of us, we do not care about any of us, or our civil rights. If justice for Trayvon doesn’t matter, then I do not matter. That is why I am Trayvon, not because of the color of my skin.

What is more important, our right to privacy on the Internet or our civil rights to live life and the pursuit of happiness? What could be more important, to bring an NSA leaker to justice; or bring justice to Trayvon Martin’s family?

Mark Douglas